Lucite Coffee Table for Minimalist Room Design

Lucite coffee table can be a nice choice if you are going to decorate your living room with minimalist décor. Besides, it might be fit furniture for small room. Lucite is a transparent plastic that really can make a spacious look through its clear appearance. Therefore, it is good to furnish a living room with small space. Moreover, coffee table is furniture that commonly provide in a living room. It will be nice to complete low coaches. So, if you don’t want to make the room look full and crowded, you might choose this transparent table that comes with simple design.

Lucite Coffee Table Design Ideas

The designs are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. The shapes of the table can be round, square, rectangle, oval, and many more. Furthermore, the various styles of the legs also enhance the table designs. There are curved legs, regular stiff design, and the other decorative styles.  Then, the table can be designed with shelves beneath for the useful storages. Then, for unique look, the curved legs can be used to store magazines and newspaper. Besides, some details from the other materials might be great decorations for the table designs.

Attractive Decorations for Lucite Table Design

It is nice to let the table unadorned, because its clear look has been attractive point of this table design. However, some details on it also can enhance its look. The decorations can be chosen from any materials like small metallic plates on each corner of the table edges, beautiful sculpture of the copper for the legs, glasses for table top, and many more. Besides the Lucite, mirrored glass for the table’s edges also can give more spacious look. Decorative designs of the legs also can make the table look more captivating. The Lucite legs can be made with pretty carvings and curves.

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